Music, when reproduced through a quality sound reinforcement system, is perhaps the most important element in creating a positive atmosphere in entertainment venues and is capable of creating a positive atmosphere in the home. As the speaker is the component that has the greatest influence on sound quality, a good speaker system’s influence on the bottom line cannot be underestimated. When surrounded by good music, customers will stay longer, order more and return with their friends.


Technically, our speaker systems are characterised by the use of top-quality drive units from leading suppliers. Air coils and polypropylene capacitors are used in the crossovers, and to ensure ruggedness and exceptional reliability, everything is on the brink of being over-engineered.

All data is fully documented with special emphasis placed on uniform dispersion and minimal phase shift, also at the crossover point. As measurements typically tell very little about the sound quality of a drive unit, extensive listening tests are conducted to ensure accurate correlation between data and sound. Acoustically, we lean towards using drive units that are alive and dynamic, and we are generally not fooled by those with ruler-flat on-axis response.


Visually, our products are designed to make a difference, so you won’t find traditionally designed speakers in here. As a niche supplier, we manufacture our products with 100% quality control. We aim for a Scandinavian edge to the design, form and function blending in harmony.

On a final note, call us aging hippies, but we strongly believe that good sound does not have to cost a fortune, and hope to impress you with the value of our designs. Thank you for your time and enjoy the music.
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